Melechesh - enki

The digraph ch is pronounced similarly to the Scottish ch , as in the word loch , or the Greek letter Χ . The Modern Hebrew realization of it is the voiceless uvular fricative (/χ/). See Modern Hebrew phonology and Aramaic phonology . In English, an accepted and common pronunciation is me-lek-ESH ( / ˌ m ɛ l ə k ˈ ɛ ʃ / ).

Over the past two decades, Ashmedi has watched his band dismantled, reassembled and dismantled again over reasons ranging from dismissals, members being drafted or pursuing academics. No stranger to adversity, he was forced to relocate from the band's Jerusalem homeland to Amsterdam over religious conflicts. Ashmedi and MELECHESH built their respected standing in the metal underground and the band returns this year with another winner, "Enki" .

Melechesh - EnkiMelechesh - EnkiMelechesh - EnkiMelechesh - Enki