Various - zero beats 01

Weathertunes is the first common project by Daniel Voss and Roland Voss. Founded in the year 2000 the two brothers have discovered their passion for electronic music in combination with acoustic sound elements.  Daniel was educated in playing the piano and the guitar during his childhood and youth. Roland used to be a drummer playing various styles from Jazz to Jazz Rock, Soul and Funk.

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Not all people are born equal, and this can be said for people who live on a gigantic boat traversing the seas of sand, colloquially referred to as the Mud Whale . There are the unmarked, a minority of ordinary people who lack special powers, but live to a ripe old age just like most of us would. Then there are 90% who possess the mark, being blessed with the telekinetic powers of Thymia, at the cost of living severely shortened lives. The series starts on a somber tone of Benihi’s funeral , a marked woman who died at the young age of 27. As the person who taught Chakuro and Sami to use their Thymia, her death obviously has a deep effect upon them. Such an occurrence also leaves a deep impression of the cultural mannerisms pertaining to these people, regarding how they remember the dead, and it also serves to instil an important dynamic. Although our characters seem like adolescents, they’ve lived out half their lives. Let that sink in for a moment – you have so much to live for, but are ordained to die in the next decade or so. To be perfectly honest, Thymia is no blessing in comparison to the curse it brings.

Various - Zero Beats 01Various - Zero Beats 01Various - Zero Beats 01Various - Zero Beats 01