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Three thousand years later the burial chamber in which Tragoedia lay sealed was opened by archeologists, and he "thanked" them by possessing them, and slowly began body-hopping, finding suitable hosts to further his needs. Ultimately he would end up in Mr. Phoenix 's body, using his position as a card designer at I2 to create the Legendary Planets archetype, its astronomy theme symbolizing his original self's occupation in the Pharaoh's courts. He would later imply that he also used this time to craft a unique Deck for himself. Tragoedia would later come to possess the head of the American Duel Academy , with the intention of using someone of a high position to utilize many pawns. He would come to reveal that in Mr. Phoenix's absence, he had raised Aster Phoenix to be his perfect pawn. It was also known that he adopted David Rabb as his son, because the boy had no known relatives.

In this house I've kept you
Safe cause I was unprepared
Fuck this acceptable feeling
I've managed to cope with this pain
Now take me out of this altar
And carry me into the air
With petals upon many petals
I almost forgot I was here
In this house I've kept you (x2)

Craft Spells GalleryCraft Spells GalleryCraft Spells GalleryCraft Spells Gallery