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Canadian independence from the United Kingdom grew gradually over the course of many years since the formation of the Canadian Confederation in 1867. World War I and World War II , in particular, gave rise to a desire among Canadians to have their country recognized as a fully-fledged sovereign state with a distinct citizenship. Legislative independence was established with the passage of the Statute of Westminster 1931 , the Canadian Citizenship Act of 1946 took effect on January 1, 1947, and full sovereignty was achieved with the patriation of the constitution in 1982. Canada's nationality law closely mirrored that of the United Kingdom . Legislation since the mid-20th century represents Canadians' commitment to multilateralism and socioeconomic development .

The Roman Republic conquered the Iberian Peninsula during the 2nd and 1st centuries . from the extensive maritime empire of Carthage during the series of Punic Wars . As a result of Roman colonization , the majority of local languages stem from the Vulgar Latin . Due to the large historical extent from the 16th century of the Portuguese Empire and the subsequent colonization of territories in Asia , Africa and the Americas , as well as historical and recent emigration , Portuguese communities can be found in many diverse regions around the globe, and a large Portuguese diaspora exists.

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