Various - the tango club night

Any nerves you may have about your first class or milonga will melt away upon entering this classic venue, as friendly and unpretentious as the tango scene gets. Various levels are catered for, from elementary to advanced, and there are classes every night of the week. Hang around for the milonga, if only to watch and learn.

This dance is normally the second Ballroom dance learned by beginners. The Quickstep was originally a fast version of a Foxtrot, developed because many bands in the 1920s played Foxtrot music too fast. The Quickstep has a powerful, swinging rhythm and takes inspiration from the Charleston. The songs and dress style of Quickstep are reminiscent of American high society from the Roaring 20s.

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Various - The Tango Club NightVarious - The Tango Club NightVarious - The Tango Club NightVarious - The Tango Club Night